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Retirement Strategy

Retirement Strategy

Studies say we’re all going to live longer. So, even if you’re contributing the maximum to your RRSP and other registered plans, you’ll likely want, or need, to save even more. The problem is, the income and gains from most non-registered investment options are taxable, which can dramatically reduce your returns. At The President’s Group we realize these concerns and offer various options that allow you to save money in non-registered investments so you can build a supplemental reserve to protect your retirement directly, while harnessing the power of tax-advantaged growth.

The President’s Group has specifically designed Insurance Retirement Strategies that we can offer you:


  • Tax-advantaged growth beyond RRSP limits
  • A wide selection of competitive investment options
  • Cash for emergencies
  • Tax-advantaged funds for your estate
  • An investment bonus to enhance investment returns
  • An additional source of income for retirement
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