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Universal Life Insurance

Universal Life Insurance

A universal life policy, or Tax Advantage policy, has unique benefits which set it apart from term, permanent and other insurance plans. The policies are made up of two components: An insurance component, which is paid to your beneficiary as a tax-free death benefit and an investment component, which holds funds that can earn interest on a tax-deferred basis. You can invest a portion of your premium into various interest options.


What are the benefits?

  • Tax-deferred growth The value within your life insurance policy will grow faster than if you had to pay income tax each year on the interest as it is earned.
  • Opportunity to pre-pay insurance costs The value in your policy can be used to pay your insurance costs, allowing you to take “premium holidays.”
  • Minimize after-tax cost of your life insurance The tax dollars that you would have paid on taxable interest income can be used to pay your insurance costs
  • Creditor protection With a preferred beneficiary designation, the value in your policy is protected from your creditors.
  • Unmatched flexibility You can add coverage to your policy for your family or for your business associates. And you can choose from a variety of interest options for your tax-deferred account, from Guaranteed Interest to equity-linked indexes.
  • Tax-free death benefit The entire death proceeds, including any increase as a result of the cash value, will be paid to your beneficiary tax-free
  • Solid guarantees All costs are guaranteed in the contract.


Here’s how your Tax Advantage Life policy works:

When you make a premium payment into a Universal Life policy, that payment is applied to the investment account of your plan. The cost of insurance and an administration charge are deducted monthly from your account while the balance grows. While premiums are not tax-deductible, investment growth held in the policy is not taxed and the death benefit (including investment growth) is paid tax-free to your beneficiary.


More choice. More flexibility. More reasons to choose Universal Life.

  • Superior cash value potential
  • Lower cost of insurance
  • Lifetime premiums or limited pay – flexible amounts, lump sum payments
  • Interest investment bonus
  • Choice of guaranteed rate and market-indexed investment options
  • Level or increasing death benefit


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You can count on Tax Advantage Life to offer superior value, flexibility and simplicity. With its many options and features, it will provide you with the freedom to custom design your policy to suit your personal insurance and investment needs. Talk to us about your future. At no obligation, we will review your personal circumstances with you and recommend appropriate coverage. In the meantime please use our Needs Estimator to help you determine a death benefit amount that is appropriate for your situation.  If you have further questions, you may visit our Universal Life FAQ section or contact us directly.