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Family Term Insurance

Family Term Insurance

Your family means the world to you. So, the last thing you want is to see their world financially shattered by an unexpected tragedy. The loss of an income earner can raise a lot of uncomfortable questions for those left behind: “How will we live on just one income?” “How will we save for the kids’ education?” “Will we lose our home?”. At The President’s Group we offer various Term Insurance Plans that can ease the transition. These valuable financial tool can provide for lost income, pay funeral and other short-term expenses, ensure continued funding for RESP’s, pay down the mortgage, pay income taxes, or fund other financial needs.


Three questions you must ask before purchasing any term insurance plan:


1) “If my health changes, will I be able to renew my policy when the term ends?”

Who knows what the future holds? Your lifestyle may change. Your health may change. But, with the Family Insurance Plans offered at the President’s Group, you won’t be abandoned by your insurance company – regardless of your insurability. That’s because you can renew your policy when the term ends. And you do not need to provide new evidence of insurability. That means peace of mind now and in the future.


2) “What will my new premium rate be when I renew?”

With Family Insurance Plans, your renewal premium rate is never a mystery. It’s guaranteed, right in the policy! When your term ends, you can renew at the guaranteed rate, or allow the policy to expire. Your choice.


3) “What if my needs change? Can I upgrade to a different type of insurance?”

Kids grow, your needs grow, and your priorities change. Perhaps there will be a time when term insurance is no longer the best choice for achieving your financial goals. If you choose one of the conversion options, you can convert your policy to any of the eligible universal or permanent life products up to your 71st birthday. And the good news is, you don’t have to provide any new evidence of insurability (such as a medical exam). So, if life throws you a curve, you can still choose exactly the type of life insurance you need.