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Business Term Insurance

Business Term Insurance

The President’s Group offers affordable, highly-flexible term insurance products that can protect your business and the value you’ve worked so hard to build. And when you know your efforts are protected, you’ll enjoy the richer life that comes from that peace of mind.


Operating a business, however, always presents challenges, and finding cost-effective solutions is important to you. In response, we offer Business Term Insurance to let you pay low premiums which never change for the term of the policy — your choice of 10 or 20 years. When the term is up, you can renew at the premium rate specified and guaranteed in the policy, with no hassles. And you’ll always know your renewal rate in advance. Now that’s good business planning.


Your business offers you few guarantees. Business term insurance, however, gives you three:


  1. Term insurance is guaranteed renewable when the term ends, up until the policy expiry. Who knows what your future holds? Your business may change. Your health may change. But, with your Business Term Insurance policy, you won’t be abandoned by your insurance company – regardless of your insurability. That’s because your term insurance policy guarantees you can renew your policy when the term ends, up to an attained age of 80. You don’t have to provide any additional evidence of insurability.
  2. The renewal premium is guaranteed. How many other business vendors will guarantee what you’ll be paying in 10 or 20 years? With Business Term Insurance the renewal premium rate is set up-front and guaranteed right in the policy.
  3. By choosing Convertible & Renewable (C&R) insurance, you can upgrade your Business Term Insurance policy to any eligible universal or permanent life products up to maximum conversion age. And the good news is, it’s hassle-free. You don’t even have to provide any additional evidence of insurability.


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