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         Our Needs Estimator will provide you with

         an assessment of the amount  of life insurance needed to replace your income.

Needs Estimator

Step 1
Evaluate Your Income and Assets
  • Your current income:
  • Enter the number of years your annual income will be needed by dependents/ beneficiaries if you should happen to die prematurely:
  • Existing liquid assets - All assets that can be turned into cash within 3 months: (Liquidating your retirement accounts can result in tax penalties)
Step 2
Evaluate Your Debts and Expenses
  • Outstanding mortgage balance:
  • Outstanding loans:
Step 3
Estimate Your Expected Interest Rate and The Inflation Rate
  • Please estimate the average annual interest rate you can earn on the invested life insurance proceeds (%)
  • Enter your estimate of the average annual inflation rate (the average rate for the past ten years has been approximately 3%)
  • Recommended Amount of Life Insurance:

This information is not an offer of life insurance and should be used for informational purposes only.