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Business problems need smart solutions. And when it comes to insuring your success, the solution of choice is Business Term Insurance offered through The President’s Group. Have a look at some solutions in action.


CHALLENGE: Funding Buy-Sell Agreements

If you have a partner, or multiple partners, you may have wondered, “What happens if one of us dies?” “Will the business continue smoothly, providing income for my family?” “Will there be funds on hand to exercise the buy-sell agreement?”


SOLUTION: Business Term Insurance

The Business Term Insurance offered at The President’s Group can fund a buy-sell agreement and provide other funds necessary to ensure a smooth business transition in the event of a tragedy.



CHALLENGE: Keeping your insurance costs down

You and your partner each require life insurance as part of a business loan agreement with your bank. You are each considering alternatives, but worry about the high cost of holding individual policies.


SOLUTION: Business Term Insurance

Our Business Term Insurance can save your company money, while still providing the protection you need. It centralizes the administration fees under a single policy, and generally results in a lower total cost of insurance when compared to each partner being insured individually.



CHALLENGE: Protecting your family from capital gains tax. Your business is an asset. And like any asset, its value may result in a capital gains tax burden for your family when you die.


SOLUTION: Universal LIfe

With a Universal Life policy your family will receive the benefits of your lifetime success. That’s because our policies can provide tax-free funds to a named beneficiary to pay capital gains taxes and other business claims that may be triggered upon your death.



CHALLENGE: Protecting your family from final expenses resulting from self-employment. You’re a self-employed professional, but worried that business expenses, taxes, and claims could create a financial hardship for your family, should you die unexpectedly.


SOLUTION: Business Term Insurance

Our Business Term Insurance policies can generate tax-free cash to a named beneficiary to pay off any final expenses resulting from your self-employment activities – allowing you to enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing your family will be safe.



CHALLENGE: Ensuring business continuation for family enterprises

As part of a family business, you understand the devastating effect the death of a family member can have on operations. Gone is the knowledge, expertise, and client base he or she contributed daily. So, should tragedy strike, you need a plan to ensure your company survives the turbulence.


SOLUTION: Business Term Insurance

Our Business Insurance policies can provide a valuable contingency fund in the event of the untimely death of a key proprietor. As a direct result your business continues to thrive while remaining in the family.



CHALLENGE: Succession Planning

You’re like many business owners, carefully planning the day when the business you’ve built passes successfully to your heirs. But you’re worried, “What if I die during the succession planning process?”


SOLUTION: Universal Life Insurance

Your policy can provide the funds for long-term succession planning. The funds are tax-free to a named beneficiary, so the integrity of your business plan will be protected.