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Features and Benefits

Features and Benefits

Traditionally, life insurance helped to ensure that your family and loved ones were protected against financial difficulties in the event of a premature death. Today, life insurance has evolved and is also used as a powerful investment and estate planning vehicle. At The President’s Group, we know that serving your tax and estate planning needs can be a real challenge, and that insurance planning should be an integral part of your overall financial plan.  This section of our website provides you with fundamental information about the role life insurance can play in helping you achieve your financial goals.


Basic features of life insurance:

In addition to providing protection and investment potential, life insurance has traditional benefits that make it unique: a) Tax-free death benefit: If you name a beneficiary, the proceeds do not go through your estate, but go directly to the person or organization you name.  No probate fees or taxes apply. b) Creditor protection: Universal life policies may be protected from the claims of creditors of the owner. This protection is available if a certain family relationship exists between the life insured and beneficiary, or if a beneficiary designation is irrevocable.


Innovative uses of life insurance:

Protecting Your Business


Protecting Your Family: